How It's Made!

Sam Made Goodies are made in small batches over several days. Each piece is truly "slow-made" and unique.


Sam’s colorful pieces are created with vitreous enamel, a powdered glass. She uses a torch or kiln to fire each layer of enamel to 1450 degrees. Enameling is a laborious process that takes patience to alternate between applying thin layers of the powders and firing between each one. Sam primarily uses a wet painting technique to achieve the illustrated style of her work. 


Sam’s cloisonné collections use fine silver wires to create outlines within the pieces. The cells between the wires are carefully packed with wet vitreous enamel to add colors. As with traditional enameling, the pieces undergo rounds of kiln firing between layers of enamel. When the one-of-a-kind gemstones are finished, they are set in handmade bezels of sterling silver or brass.

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